Sunday, June 11, 2017

Imagination, Purpose, Focus, and Creativity

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I want to share something a little different today. I was looking for some scriptures and some Biblical interpretations on creativity and imagination. I happened upon such a good article, I wanted to share it with you.  Here is an excerpt, but I hope you will read it in its entirety; it isn't a long article :
In the demonstrator and crafting groups of which I am a member, we often share pictures and tutorials of our work. Then each member oohs and ahhs over it and asks if the creator objects if we share it on our social media pages, websites, and blogs and of course the creator says, please feel free to. We don't copy her work, we share her work with our fellow crafters. We show her work and praise her for the awesome work she has done, all while giving her credit and not claiming it as our own. This is what crafters call CASE-ing. 
(Copy And Share Everything or Copy And Selectively Edit) 

Some people say that is not being creative, that is being a copy-cat. Well, no matter how hard you might try to copy someone else's's not machine made, it's handmade, and even though it might be a minute detail, something will be yours on that finished product. And when you do use it for inspiration and alter it with your own personal flair, you are using them as a source, as your inspiration, as a starting point for your imagination and creativity to soar. (Regardless of whether you feel like embellishing or editing with your own touches or just reproducing the creator's finished product....always give credit for the source of your inspiration.) 

I love this article because rubber stamping, paper crafting, any like life and your relationship with God. I can't make a beautiful sky or magnificent mountain range. But I could use His masterwork as a source to paint a picture of His work. I can CASE His handiwork. I can credit Him as I Copy His finished project And Share it with others. Just as I share His artwork, I can Share Everything He does for me. 

Just something to think about.

Happy Sunday!

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